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XVIII International Symposium is dedicated to Prof. Aron Kobrinskiy’s 100th anniversary. Prof. Kobrinskiy was the founder of the Symposia on the dynamics of vibroimpact systems.

Symposium on the dynamics of vibroimpact (strong nonlinear) systems carried by Institute of Machines Science named after A.A. Blagonravov every three years. The first simposium was held in 1963. Symposium discusses the theoretical and practical problems in the field of vibro-technics and vibro-technologies. We are considering the problems of effective and useful applications of vibroimpact, strong nonlinear vibration processes and the tasks of vibro-protection.

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The symposium is held in the following areas:

- Nonlinear dynamics of machines and technological processes (models and methods of analysis);
- Vibroimpact processes in the kinematic pairs of mechanisms and rotor system;
- Vibroimpact and strong nonlinear wave processes in distributed systems;
- Control of nonlinear processes in machines, including synthesis of dynamic structures and optimal design of machinery vibration and vibroimpact actions;
- The wave, vibration and ultrasonic technology and machines;
- Protection against vibration and impact;
- Chaotic motion in nonlinear systems of complex structure;
- The action of high frequency vibration on strong nonlinear systems and technical environment, including formation of nanostructures by vibration and vibro effects;
- Experimental methods for studying the nonlinear dynamics of machines;
- Related problems of nonlinear dynamics.

The Program Committee

Chairman - Prof. Vladimir Astashev
Vice-Chairman - Prof. Vitaliy Krupenin
Prof. Vladimir Babitskiy (Great Britain)
Prof. Ilya Blekhman (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Iosiph Wolfson (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Vladimir Erofeev (Nizhny Novgorod)
Prof. Mikhail Zakrzewski (Latvia)
Member of RAS, Prof. Dmitriy Indeytsev (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Polina Landa (Moscow)
Prof. Efim Shneerson (St. Peterburg)
Elena Semenova,
Dr. Georgiy Korendyasev

Official languages - Russian and English.
Text of articles in English or Russian languages shall be in accordance with the template. The volume should not exceed 8 pages. One participant may be the author (co-author) not more than two papers. All submissions will reviewed. Printed version of the proceedings will assigned an ISBN. The electronic version of the book will be included in the Russian Science Citation Index and posted on the websites and

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